Important Hints:


Obtain weather-forecast (avalanche warning). Think about avalanches all the year! Corresponding links you'll find here. Publish your planned trip and duration (to your family, friends, e.g.), this helps us finding you in case of emergency. Territory-knowledge: Terrain, trails, difficulties, shelters (opening time, especially at wintertime)....


Phone numbers:
Alpine emergency call Austria 140
General emergency call 112

Link: Why calling 140?

In case of call tell your name(s) and call-back number by all means, your phone number may be not visible automatically. Tell your location as precisely as possible. For example some of the road (trail) signs contains a location or GPS coordinates.

Hints for the mobile:
Mobiles are more often life saving, you should have one during your trip. Let it powered on during your trip. Charge the battery before. For the emergency call 112 the mobile uses all networks reachable, also if your network provider is unreachable. Depending on the model of your mobile you must type the emergency number instead of the pin code during power on. More info about see following booklet (in German).
Satellite-phone users please see following directions!

Alpine distress signal:
The Alpine distress signal consists of a signal by blasts from a whistle (may also be an air horn), which is repeated six times in the minute (every ten seconds). It is to be repeated after one minute of break in same manner.
The reply to such a signal is given with three indications per minute (every 20 seconds) and likewise repeated after one minute of break. Thus until the rescue team arrives (they may need the signal for finding the position). The distress signal can also be a sound, light or sign characters.