Friday night we were alerted to a mission on the Rax. A hiker did not come home from his hike in the evening and was also not reachable on his cell phone. Based on a cell phone location was only known that the cell phone of the missing person is in the vicinity of the Waxriegelhaus on the Rax. Together with the comrades of the mountain rescue Reichenau we started the search in the night. This had to be finally discontinued after approx. 5 hours search at 5 o'clock in the morning for the time being without success. On Saturday morning, further investigations were carried out by the alpine police. Since the search area was on the Lower Austrian side, which had been changed by the new information, we were only on standby should further rescue forces be necessary. Fortunately, the hypothermic and injured hiker could finally be found at lunchtime and, after initial treatment, was taken to hospital in stable condition by the rescue helicopter.